Friday, February 12, 2010

First Words

Look at me...I'm a blogger!! After being stuck in the house for the past week with my 2 lovely sons I needed an outlet..and a martini or two. The Nation's Capital is snow bound! The grocery store shelves are bare. The roads are barely passable. I needed to vent somewhere. We really were lucky. We had heat and power, cable and internet, and enough food so I really can't complain although I won't let that stop me.
I have been busily sewing window treatments for our new digs in Virginia. The hubs is already living there during the week and coming back to DC on weekends. I also have several quilts in various stages of construction. Several of them are from quilting classes I have taken this year. That was one of my New Years take at least 1 quilt class per month. A fairly easy resolution to keep although sometimes it's so much easier to just stay home and quilt alone. That really is the beauty of quilting; it can be either social or solitary and I am just as happy with either scenario.
I am a mostly self taught quilter and taking these classes has really made me aware of how much there is to know about this art form. I am really enjoying them. I took a paper piecing Mariner's Compass class at Ginny Beyer's studio in Great Falls Virginia a couple of weeks ago and used an "Add A Quarter" ruler for the first time. A revelation I must say.
The quilt above was paper pieced using a pattern from Jennifer Rogers Ofenstein. Visit her awesome blog

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